Current openings at Babyzone

Babyzone is a brand new charity which aims to give support to parents with children in the early years. We’re focused on breaking down the barriers that many parents face in accessing high quality early years offers.

Babyzones are currently delivered in Youth zones where we run exploratory play and evidence-based early years classes one day a week in a clean, safe and warm environment. We design our approach around the needs of lower income families, but are open to all. Parents don’t sign up in advance, there’s no timetable and we don’t take names and personal details from our families. We believe that by removing barriers we are creating a fully accessible, inclusive place for parents and carers to bring their children to play, read, chat and sing together.

We’re small but we’re ambitious. We reach between 250-300 families per week across both Babyzones. Around 60% of the families who visit us come from low income families. We want to reach more of the families who need us around the country. We’ll do this by creating more Babyzones, but also by showing others how to remove barriers.

Being relatively new, we’re learning as we go, and we’re excited for what comes next.