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Open Source Support Engineer

Join us as an Open Source Support Engineer and you will be instrumental in enhancing the user experience and operational health of our open-source repositories. This role centers around managing GitHub issues for us and our clients' repositories, ensuring efficient triage, response, and resolution of community and customer-reported issues. You will be a key player in maintaining the quality and responsiveness of our projects, fostering a positive and productive environment for both users and contributors.

This role is ideal for someone who is deeply passionate about contributing to and growing open-source communities, enhancing software quality through proactive support, and leveraging their Dart and Flutter expertise to make a tangible impact on project success.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Issue Acknowledgment: Quickly acknowledge new issues within a set timeframe, using responses, labeling, or assignment to ensure visibility and tracking.
  • Effective Communication: Engage with the community and customers by providing timely, polite and informative responses to issues. This includes initial acknowledgments, requests for more information, status updates, and detailed resolution explanations.
  • Issue Triage: Evaluate issues for validity and reproducibility, classify them according to priority, and manage the backlog. This involves identifying, reproducing, and troubleshooting reported bugs to aid in resolution or further investigation.
  • Resolution Contribution: Identify fixes for bugs that provide significant value to users, manage the submission of pull requests adhering to code contribution standards, and ensure timely responses to code reviews. This includes closing issues with comprehensive commentary and appropriate labeling after merging valid changes.
  • Performance Insights: Develop and maintain systems to track and report on key metrics related to issue management, such as volume of open and resolved issues, time to initial response, and overall issue resolution time. Use these insights to identify trends, assess throughput, and manage backlog growth effectively.
  • Documentation and Process Enhancement: Generate and keep up-to-date documentation outlining the issue response and labeling process, including examples and guidelines for escalation. Continuously improve and streamline processes based on feedback, changes in policies, and new developments in GitHub functionalities.
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving: Work closely with our team to escalate complex issues and seek guidance on prioritizing bug fixes, ensuring a collaborative approach to problem-solving and issue resolution.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • Proven experience in software development or technical support, with a specialization in Dart and Flutter technologies.
  • Strong command of the English language, with excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • In-depth understanding of GitHub's functionalities, including issue tracking, pull requests, and community interaction.
  • Demonstrated problem-solving abilities, with a keen eye for identifying and resolving software bugs.
  • A self-starter attitude with the ability to manage multiple priorities and tasks in a dynamic environment.
  • A commitment to continuous learning, staying current with the latest developments in Dart, Flutter, and open-source community management.
  • Experience with programming languages and technologies relevant to our projects is highly preferred.

Preferred (but not required) Additional Skills:

  • Advanced Git Knowledge: Familiarity with advanced Git techniques, such as branching strategies, rebase vs. merge, and handling merge conflicts.
  • CI/CD Experience: Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines (especially GitHub actions), including setting up automated testing and deployment workflows.
  • Cross-Platform Development Experience: Experience with other cross-platform frameworks or native development for iOS and Android.
  • Community Management Experience: Previous experience in managing or actively participating in open-source or technical communities.
  • Project Management Tools: Proficiency with project management tools (e.g.,GitHub Projects) and techniques that can help in organising, tracking, and managing tasks efficiently.


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