Current openings at Lottoland

We are the Lotto company that puts people first. We know that the feeling of belonging, impact and purpose is a key driver of individual and organisational success today. We promise to invest in the personal development of our people now and in the future, providing them with a relevant and meaningful work environment like no other.
Our Gibraltar-based business is active in 15 markets, has over 400 employees, and more than 18.5 million customers worldwide. Just come as you are – and discover yourself in the Land of Happiness! We enable extraordinary performances and individual growth.
You may already know that Lottoland continually strives to enable our customers to hit the jackpot. In June 2018, Lottoland paid out €90 million to one lucky winner in Germany - this win has been confirmed by Guinness World Records as the largest online gambling pay-out. Pushing the boundaries of our industry enables extraordinary, almost impossible achievements and individual growth. Now we are enabling our employees and future colleagues to dream bigger too through relevant ideas, substantial actions, and meaningful purposes.
It's a win-win situation: we look forward to your full engagement and offer you: flexibility, inclusion, a common purpose, benefits, support, sustainable personal growth, and deeper connections. We are like-minded individuals who are doing things differently. It's the people who make the difference at Lottoland.
We live an open culture with each other where we enable everyone to be genuine, get resilient, take ownership and work together. Your skillset is important, but your values and mindset are the real key to success. For all the ones who are anything but ordinary: this is your call. This is your one in a million chance! Here you can find your meaning, your purpose, your role, and your true self, in a land like no other. We bet on you.