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High Throughput Discovery Scientist

With a rapidly growing team of single-cell biologists, genome engineers and deep learning enthusiasts, backed by top-tier TechBio investors, our exciting early stage stealth biotech aims to efficiently engineer sustainable cell state transitions for complex phenotypes and disease. We combine massively scalable high-content single-cell screening and multimodal large language foundation models to identify the best therapies at scale, no matter the combinatorial complexity. Founded in 2023 by Drs. Rahul Satija, Harm Wessels, Yuhan Hao and Ben Van de Graaf, our stealth biotech is led by an excellent team of lead scientists in single-cell biology and method development, genome engineering, and experienced operations. The science behind these platforms has been published in leading journals including Cell, Nature Biotechnology and Nature Methods.

Position Summary

This position offers the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team on cutting-edge technologies at the intersection of disease relevant cell biology, genome engineering, massively parallel high-content single-cell screening and machine learning. Among the main responsibilities are leading the team's efforts in designing, performing, and developing functional high-throughput CRISPR screening assays, as well as leading the team’s effort to perform single-cell RNA sequencing applications. This role will require close collaboration with the wet-lab R&D team for data-driven refinement of experimental designs and new method development. The successful candidate will be an excellent team player and communicator who can thrive in a fast-paced startup environment.

Key Responsibilities

  • Developing functional readouts for translationally relevant biological systems amenable for high-throughput CRISPR screening
  • Design and perform pooled and single-cell screens using existing tools as well as developing bespoke tools for state-of-the-art single-cell applications
  • Design and perform small scale functional validation and follow-up experiments
  • Collaborate closely with the wet-lab R&D team on method development and experimental design to support data interpretation and target prioritization
  • Collaborate closely with the computational data analysis team on method experimental design readout to support data interpretation and target prioritization
  • Maintain extensive knowledge of the literature and best practices related to functional readouts, screening, and experimental design
  • Effectively analyze and present data, and communicate research plans and timelines to the team
  • Maintain detailed, well-organized, and timely documentation of experiments and data
  • Live Neptune Bio’s core values of being biologically inspired, being honest and rigorous about our research, and fostering a supportive environment.

Qualification and Education Requirements

You must have:

  • PhD degree in Biology, Biomedical Engineering, or related fields with training in high-throughput screening, single-cell genomics, and next generation sequencing
  • Strong track record in genome engineering, high-throughput screening or single-cell functional genomics immunology.
  • Deep knowledge in immunology or cancer biology with several years of academic or industry experience.
  • Mammalian cell culture experience, preferably including primary cell or organoid models
  • Strong problem-solving ability and aptitude for innovation
  • Ability to adjust rapidly to shifting priorities and deliver high-quality, detail-oriented results in a timely manner
  • High degree of teamwork and collaborative attitude are essential
  • Ability to work independently 

Additional preferred experience includes:

  • Industry experience post-PhD
  • Strong biology or translational background  
  • Strong experience in molecular biology techniques and molecular cloning
  • Experience with fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS)
  • Experience with primary cell culture or organoid models
  • Willingness to quickly discover and learn new methods and approaches
  • Experience with computational data handling, processing, and analysis

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