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Go electric’ and solve the emissions problem in your mine with the Tembo e-LV, the electric light vehicle developed for mining. It’s a zero emissions vehicle, with low maintenance and operational costs and a reduced need for ventilation in underground mining. The smooth ride with instant torque keeps your workforce happy. Using the venerable Toyota 70-series which we call the Electric Cruiser & Hilux called Electric HLX as a base vehicle the Tembo e-LV electric drivetrain replaces the engine, gearbox and all auxiliary parts. Each part of the Tembo e-LV has been selected for durability, easy maintenance and availability: the Tembo e-LV uses proven technology from the European automotive sector. Special coatings protect all parts for corrosion, guaranteeing a long lifespan in the toughest conditions. The 95/60 KW E-Drive motor is bolted directly to the full-time transfer case, minimising strain on the drivetrain. Driving out of the mineshaft at gradients of 45% proves no problem for the strong motor. Inside the biggest visible change is the customisable digital dashboard. You only need to look once for all the important information on speed, range and battery life. There is no guesswork involved, everything you need to know is there. Operational and maintenance costs decrease with the Tembo e-LV, as most parts are maintenance free or simply absent. There is no fuel quality to worry about, no gearbox or clutch to be replaced. As the EVCU is tuned for smooth power delivery, wear and tear on the drivetrain are minimised. The Tembo e-LV is the next step in light vehicle development for mining and industry. It offers an adaptable and well known platform for all light duty operations. At Tembo we think of the base vehicle as a starting point for bespoke solutions. With almost 50 years of experience in vehicle conversions we can create the vehicle you need.


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