Current openings at Universe Energy


We are Universe Energy, and we are the battery dismantling and repurposing company.

Our mission is to scale battery reuse as the largest source of the next billion batteries. The world needs 2 billion batteries by 2050, but this comes at a huge cost to the planet, as we need to mine 30x more. We dismantle and sort used battery packs 7x faster and 50% cheaper than by hand using robotics, AI and sound for EV OEMs, battery makers and fleets. Once we dismantle 1000s of battery packs, we repurpose them into $4000 cheap grid batteries that are 20% cheaper than making new ones. Our vision is to become the leading maker of zero-impact batteries by building 1 million batteries/year by 2035. This will power a truly clean energy revolution at scale and reduce 6 Giga tons of CO2 by 2050. We are Universe Energy, and we make batteries eternal.

The Bonobo Robot dismantles batteries.

We are building a cognitive robot that we call Bonobo that automatically diagnoses, disassembles, and discharges EV batteries using robotic manipulation, autonomous controls, and computer vision. The first-generation robotic system will automatically assess the battery’s state of health, remove covers from arbitrary battery packs (500 kg), and perform safe discharging. It then disassembles these batteries from the pack level (500 kg) down to the module level (25 kg). Bonobo can take batteries apart 4x faster and safer than a human at 6x the throughput, leading to 50% lower unit economics.


Join the early team to make a positive impact on the planet from day one.

We launched our 4,500 sq ft pilot facility in El Segundo, Los Angeles. You can join the early team in robotics & battery engineering and business roles. You have the chance to shape the company trajectory from day one, build pioneering technology, and launch the first pilot programs with customers. You will work alongside a talented team to leave the world better than you found it. Think you're a real badass? Apply today and join the warehouse party to scale battery reuse to deliver the next billion batteries!