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Retail Employees (Non-OD)


Apprentice Optician - Cherry Creek

Apprentice Optician - Danbury Fair

Apprentice Optician - Green Hills

Apprentice Optician - Hudson Yards

Apprentice Optician - Legacy Place

Apprentice Optician - McEwen Northside

Apprentice Optician - Menlo Park

Apprentice Optician, Part-Time - Cherry Creek

Apprentice Optician, Part-Time - Danbury Fair

Apprentice Optician, Part-Time - Hudson Yards

Apprentice Optician, Part-Time - Legacy Place

Apprentice Optician, Part-Time - Over the Rhine

Apprentice Optician, Part-Time - Queens Center

Apprentice Optician, Part-Time - Summit Mall

Apprentice Optician, Part-Time - The Shops at Yale

Apprentice Optician - Queens Center

Apprentice Optician - Summit Mall

Apprentice Optician - The Mall at Short Hills

Assistant Store Manager - Battlefield Mall

Assistant Store Manager - Grand Central

Assistant Store Manager - New York, New York

Assistant Store Manager - Queens Center

Assistant Store Manager - Sagemore

Assistant Store Manager - University PlaceNew

Keyholder - 80th & Columbus

Keyholder - Battlefield MallNew

Keyholder - Bergen St.

Keyholder - Fashion Place

Keyholder - Grand Central

Keyholder - GreenvilleNew

Keyholder - Greenwich Ave.

Keyholder - Hudson Yards

Keyholder - King of Prussia

Keyholder - Lexington Ave.

Keyholder - Mayfair

Keyholder - N. 6th St.

Keyholder, New York Metro Area

Keyholder - One Loudoun

Keyholder - Oxmoor Center

Keyholder, Part-Time - 80th & Columbus

Keyholder, Part-Time- ABQ Uptown

Keyholder, Part-Time - Atherton Mill

Keyholder, Part-Time - Avenue West Cobb New

Keyholder, Part-Time - Belle Hall

Keyholder, Part-Time - Bethesda Row