Current openings at Eleo

Eleo is the off-highway EV battery pack specialist, our battery packs offer versatile configurations for simple, practical, and fast integration.


We’re helping the world work towards net-zero, by making off-highway EV battery packs a practical alternative to internal combustion engines.


Our mission is to enable widespread electrification of off-highway equipment and vehicles. We do this by providing robust and reliable products to enable our customers to manufacture machines that are truly better to live with in every way, than their fossil fuel counterparts.


We’re working today, to change the off-highway vehicles of tomorrow.


We are Eleo

At our hart—pioneers shaping the future of the off-highway industry, within a dynamic workplace that thrives on creativity and ambition. Here, passion and goal-oriented initiatives go hand in hand. 

We empower our team to not just envision the future, but to construct it. Every day, we’re paving the road ahead of us. We challenge the status quo by building remarkable battery packs and creating a culture that brings together diverse minds and talents: It’s where every team member counts. Join us, and let's build the future of off-highway electrification together


Join Us: Shape the Future of Off-Highway Electrification


We’re people that are not just looking for a new job: we’re looking for purpose, and want to work with others who thrive on making an impact. This journey is not for everyone. We are looking for builders, innovators, and pioneers who are driven by a shared purpose of changing the future of the off-highway industry.